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gathering light ... a retreat located in southern oregon near crater lake national park and klamath basin birding trails. cabins, tree houses, rv camping and vacation rentals in the forest on the river near crater lake national park and klamath basin birding trails in southern oregon.

When faith falters, endure.

I do not know if there
can or ever will be a lasting peace for myself or anyone else in this world or even beyond, but I do know the most profound peace comes from being true to one's self. Although one may falter and ultimately lose ... even life itself, it will still be a greater victory to have endured - bk.


Beginnings ...

My father was of the old school, "quite frugal." He worked long & hard as a teacher, mill worker & other self made occupations, including real estate, which he did very well at. In 1960 he acquired the land where the retreat is now located. First to settle in the valley, he, his father, & the four of us boys, built the cottage, living in it with our mother for a time. We had neither electricity nor plumbing.

My father's goal was to have a boys' camp, which he worked on during the 60s. As boys, we; helped thin & clear the land of the considerable logging debris & we helped with construction, which was completed in the rough by the end of the 60s. By the 70s, regulations & liability considerations in managing youngsters had increased substantially; therefore, my father became discouraged.

Attracted to greater refinement & culture elsewhere, I left home & finished high school on my own. Upon graduation I was drafted into the army - during the Viet Nam era. Upon release, I enrolled in college, studying a broad range of diverse subjects - holding odd jobs in between.

I played trumpet in junior high, & thereafter took up guitar. Receiving neither encouragement nor support from family or friends, as well as being mostly discounted for my unconventionalism in college, I didn't realize I had musical talent until my late 20s. Only then did I become serious musically.

When I graduated from college my father wanted me to go into real estate. Land development being his primary focus, I knew the "camp" would be subdivided if I didn't make something of it. Contrary to his desires I believed my choice lay in music and the "camp, I believed I could do them both " I thought the camp could develop into something special while preserving its natural integrity. At this time I began to develop my writing abilities, largely on behalf of the environment & conservation; I did this even though I'd received failing marks in writing in college.

Being idealistic & naive, I suffered considerable abuse as a landlord; that I just "got by" ruled out the possibility of having a family. Living in a chronically depressed area didn't help. By 40, I was "burned out" & gave up music entirely ... brokenhearted. Although my 40s were generally fraught with fatigue & difficulty, I continued working on my dream for the land. Finally, after 20 years, the retreat was "complete."

It's my vision that the retreat be more than just another commercial entity ... that it have indefinable spiritual qualities ... a free thinking "oasis" with a sense of community & ecology; achieving a peaceful harmony & balance between man & nature ... An aspiration ... which hopefully will endure & persevere long after my passing.

Brad Kalita, founder

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